UPVC Pressure Pipes Manufacturers

UPVC Pressure Pipes Manufacturers

Kankai Pipes & fittings is a renowned manufacturer of UPVC pressure pipes. These pipes are highly durable and resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for various applications such as water supply, irrigation, and industrial processes. With a wide range of sizes and specifications available, Kankai Pipes & fittings ensures that customers have access to high-quality UPVC pressure pipes that meet their specific needs.

upvc pressure pipes

Salient Feature :

  • Suitable for potable water supplies.
  • Light weight offers total economy in handling, transportation & installation
  • Seamless, strong & resilient
  • Odorless and hygienic for potable water
  • Longer lasting PVC is free from weakness caused by formation, rusting and weathering.
  • Energy efficient
  • High flow characteristics


  • Water supply
  • Lift irrigation
  • Main and sub main line for drip and sprinkler irrigation system
  • Fertilizer, lifting, transporting, conveying, distributing disposing or tapping water
  • Urban and rural areas drinking water scheme

Technical Parameters

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