Casing Pipes Manufacturers in India

Casing Pipes Manufacturers in India

Kankai Pipes & Fittings is one of the leading casing pipes manufacturers in India, providing high-quality products that are widely used in various industries such as oil and gas, water supply, and construction. With a strong reputation for durability and reliability, Kankai Pipes & Fittings has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

Casing Pipes

Salient Feature :

  • Ultimate for Hot & Cold Water Uses.
  • Smooth Internal Surface & Energy Saving.
  • High Impact Strength and Durability.
  • Strong and Tough Materials.
  • Corrosion Resistance.
  • Very Easy & Fast Installation.
  • Lower Bacterial Growth.
  • Fire Resistance.
  • Unaffected By Chlorine In The Water.
  • Very Low Thermal Expansion.


  • Hot and cold potable water distribution in buildings of all types - residential (low rise & high rise), commercial complexes & institutes
  • Can be used in fire suppression systems (sprinklers etc.) due to its fire resistance.
  • Corrosive fluid handling industries.


  • Size: Ranging from 2" to 12" inches
  • Threads: UNEF, UNF, UNC, NPT, BSP, BSPT, BSW, BA, ISO Metric (MM Threads)
  • Plating: Natural, Chrome, Nickel, Tin Plating, other coating catering to customer specifications

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