UPVC Column Pipes Manufacturers

UPVC Column Pipes Manufacturers

Kankai Pipes & fittings is a renowned manufacturer of UPVC column pipes. With a strong focus on quality and durability, their pipes are designed to withstand high-pressure applications and provide efficient water transportation for various industrial and agricultural purposes.

uPVC Column Pipes

Salient Feature :

  • Low maintenance and long life
  • No contamination because of corrosion or incrustation
  • High tensile load capability
  • Leak proof joints
  • High impact strength
  • Low cost compared to C.I and G.I pipes
  • Smooth bore that offers excellent flow properties
  • Easy in installation
  • Economically satisfied
  • Minimum frictional losses thus saving power
  • 25% higher discharge charge than G.I pipes
  • Non conductor of Low thermal conductivity and electricity


  • Water rising for submersible pump set
  • It is commonly used as replacement on the place for MS, ERW, GI, HDPE and stainless steel

Technical Parameters

Capacity to pull weight of submersible pumps column pipes with chain pulley

Some important features of our column pipes, couplers and its accessories

  • Square threads of pipes as well as coupler gives very high tensile load capacity, high izod impact and easy fitment, re-fitment and longer life
  • The rubber dampeners, silent system provides leak proof fittings and also absorbs the vibration of the pump which results in longer life of motor and pump bearing.
  • Our square threads of pipes as well as coupler are of best designed and manufactured in CNC machines in order to provide best accuracy and quality.
  • The rubber ring like step ring, L-ring, O-ring & Seal ring are of natural rubber and best to absorb the shock of motor
  • Our thick and thin portion of the pipes has been so developed in order to absorb the full torque produced due to motor thus resulting long life.
  • The technically developed adapters have 11 TPI metric threads at one end which fits into motor and square threads at one end which fits into column pipes.

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